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Wibu-Systems is an independent software company that specializes in software protection and licensing. Since 1989, the headquarters are based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Our flagship solution is CodeMeter, which is a toolkit that enables software developers and machine builders  to protect their intellectual property and control how their products are used.

In order to present the CodeMeter toolkit as clearly and concisely as possible we built this website. Additionally, there is another world of information about our company, our products and services available via our global website www.wibu.com.

Because our customers’ requirements have been ever increasing in complexity, as a result CodeMeter has become increasingly flexible and granular. Hence the need for a very simple presentation of the core benefits of using CodeMeter for your software protection and licensing needs.


The CodeMeter Protection Suite is the leading toolkit in software protection. It uses a wide array of public and private technologies like encryption, obfuscation, trap insertion, codemoving and debugger detection. AxProtector can automatically protect your native code applications, C#/.NET, JAVA, Python or Javascript software to make sure unauthorized usage or tampering of your products is no longer possible.


Wibu-Systems is a German innovative company that has compliance as a priority. Especially for the Medical, Automotive, Industrial Automation and Aerospace/Defense sectors it's critical for all stakeholders in the entire supply chain to be fully compliant when it comes to all European and Global regulations for data, cyber security, trade and production.

a company fully dedicated to a single solution

With the introduction of CodeMeter in 2004 we have decided to straightaway concentrate all our R&D efforts to it. We do only one thing and that is to provide the absolute best-in-class toolkit for software protection and licensing.

Use the CodeMeter toolkit to protect your software against reverse engineering and to easily manage licenses for your end-users. Thus, you benefit automatically from updates to keep your protection and licensing solution up-to-date, fully compliant with all current platforms and operating systems. We continously improve the security mechanisms in the toolkit to always keep a few steps ahead of known possible attack vectors.

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Focus on development of your core products, not manual protection efforts. Avoid complex integration and resource-intensive tasks, rather enjoy robust protection against unauthorized access and manipulation of your software.

German quality, Global reach

In truth, we put passion into every bit. For this reason, our solutions reflect the rigorous quality standards we live by. Unleash the power of our rigorously tested, platform-agnostic solutions for unmatched software protection and control. 

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HQ office since 2021

Over the past years we have been growing substantially. We’re particularly glad to have found a new homebase from where we continuously work on a singular mission: to deliver the highest level of protection, licensing, and security for digital assets and intellectual property in an increasingly connected world.

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