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CodeMeter is the software toolkit we continuously develop to enable our customers to protect their software against reverse engineering and execute flexible license management. The toolkit contains the CodeMeter Protection Suite to directly apply advanced encryption, obfuscation, trap insertion, anti-debuggers and more on your software, with just a few simple steps.

The available protection options with CodeMeter depend on the programming languages you use, as well as the target operating system your software is executed in. The CodeMeter toolkit directly supports native code applications, .NET software, JAVA products, Python and Javascript apps, whether they are run on standard platforms or in embedded systems.

protection runtime licensing

To run protected software, Codemeter offers a comprehensive range of licensing models to cater to various software functionalities and user needs. These licenses can be activated by on a fingerprinted system (CmAct), they can be delivered as a hardware secure element (CmDongle) or they can be accessed via an online connection (CmCloud).
Whether your users work with your products on stand-alone PC’s, in docker containers, in virtual environments or in mobile or embedded systems, CodeMeter can let your users select their preferred setup.

CodeMeter Software Protection and Licensing

Software Protection

The CodeMeter Protection Suite is like a Swiss Army knife for software protection; it contains a wide array of methods, techniques and advanced solutions to prevent reverse engineering or tampering of your software applications and/or data.

Within this commercial off the shelf solution, you can set many parameters to apply encryption, obfuscation, license checks, debugger detection after and/or during compilation. Additionally, you can use our API directly in your code to fully control all protection and licensing mechanisms per your requirements.

Whatever the setup of your build environment and the platforms or programming languages you use; there is always a good balance to find between quickness of implementation, optimal performance and level of security, with our technical documentation or with the help of our technical support team. Once these optimal parameters are found, it’s easy to make the protection process an integral automated part of your build process, so you can test against the same protected software you deliver to your users.


CodeMeter runtime

The core element of CodeMeter is the Runtime Service, which operates discreetly in the background, typically as a service or daemon. Essentially, it oversees connected CmDongles, CmCloud containers and activated CmActLicenses, as well as facilitates the connection to the license server across the network, such as LAN, WAN, and cloud networks. Moreover, it manages the allocation and utilization of licenses, keeping track of their usage efficiently.

Moreover, when deployed on a license server within a LAN or WAN setup, it extends the availability of licenses to network clients running CodeMeter Runtime Services. This integration seamlessly ensures that licenses are accessible across the network, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

In short, the CodeMeter runtime allows you to control and monetize the usage of your software in online and offline premises, in standard PC or PLC’s, in virtual environments, in docker images and containerized systems, managed via hardware-, software- or cloud-based licenses.


License Management

Codemeter offers a broad range of tools to monetize and license your protected digital products. The simple and manual licensing tools are recommended if you have a low-volume, high value enterprise product, or you want to build a proof of concept with minimal time and limited scope.

For bigger requirements CodeMeter offers advanced fully automated systems with full integration with your CRM, ERP or e-commerce platform, based on web-services. This enables easy interfaces and license activations for your end-users via online portals, customized to fit Group Divisions, OEM Partners, Resellers, Enterprise IT admins and end-users.

Do you want automated renewal of subscription licenses after payment receipt? Do you require a good overview on how your licenses are used exactly by your end-users? With CodeMeter and our professional services team you’re up and running in no-time.

To enable you to quickly and correctly assess the exact benefits and costs of using CodeMeter for your products, we recommend to start simple and small, with a limited scope and build a proof of concept, free of charge with our evaluation SDK.

Some of our clients:

Supported Programming Languages and Platforms

Native Code (C/C++)

Protect your Windows, Linux and MacOS applications with AxProtector 

C# / .NET

Protect your .NET software with AxProtector .NET           


Protect your JAVA software with AxProtector JAVA


Protect your Python software with AxProtector Python


Protect your JavaScript software with AxProtector JavaScript

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