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Protect Your Native Code Software with AxProtector

Effortless Software Protection with AxProtector

AxProtector simplifies securing your software against piracy and reverse engineering. Its fully automated approach saves you time and effort compared to manual integration solutions. For even greater security, combine AxProtector with IxProtector [Modular Protection] to add advanced licensing and protection features. Or use the CodeMeter Core API to fully control license management operations, data securization and cryptographic response calls within your software.

Multi-Layered Software Protection: Robust encryption, anti-tamper, and intrusion detection

Focus on development, not manual protection efforts. Avoid complex integration and resource-intensive tasks. Enjoy robust protection against unauthorized access and manipulation.

AxProtector Windows

Effortlessly shield your Windows applications with advanced anti-reverse engineering protection. 

AxProtector Linux

Advanced anti-reverse engineering for Linux software, made easy: the developer’s choice to secure code.

AxProtector MacOS

Native MacOS protection, effortless to use. With AxProtector you stop reverse engineering and secure your apps, the simple way.

CodeMeter SDK

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Download our SDK and build a functional proof of concept for 60 days with no commitments, obligations, or strings attached.

Technical documentation included

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Easy Integration
Command line or GUI: Choose your preference, no manual code changes needed.
Fast development: Save precious time with effortless integration.
Tailor your shield: Core or WUPI API for deeper control and custom protection.

AxProtector encrypts your entire software and adds a robust security layer. It deploys advanced anti-debugging and anti-disassembly methods actively protect your software. And it’s easy to setup: integrate AxProtector quickly and easily with minimal coding required.

Effortless Code Protection Without Compromises
Integrate AxProtector seamlessly into your workflow without code changes, it can be integrated as a post-build process: Protect your code after compilation, no source code edits needed. AxProtector encrypts quickly, ensuring smooth builds and rapid development. Use the user-friendly GUI or integrate seamlessly into continuous integration with the command line tool.

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