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Unlock the potential of your software revenues with our dynamic license manager and versatile licensing models. Seamlessly integrate them into your current business operations to safeguard and enhance your earnings. Whether you prefer trial periods, subscriptions, pay-per-use, or any other licensing model, our solution offers the flexibility you need. Get innovative and boost your profits today!



In the realm of software protection, CmDongles stand out as offering top-tier security. At the heart of each CmDongle lies a smart card chip, housing a microcontroller equipped with a secure storage compartment for cryptographic keys and firmware.


CmAct grants the software publisher complete authority over how and whether the license is tied to the user’s computer. The encryption technique employed in the license file provides the flexibility to securely store secret symmetric and asymmetric keys on the user’s computer.


Compared to CmDongles and CmAct, licenses aren’t activated within a local hardware or software container. Instead, they’re stored in a CmCloudContainer on the CodeMeter Cloud Server, hosted by us and securely linked to a recognized user. 


Licensing Concept Explained

When you have used AxProtector, IxProtector or the CodeMeter API to protect your product, your customers can only run it if they have a valid license.

In order for your protected software to communicate with that license, your end-users will need to have the CodeMeter runtime installed on their system. You can deliver this either as the default publicly available CodeMeter runtime or via a custom driver.

Why is software licensing Important

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