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Protect Your Python Applications with AxProtector Python

Empower Your Software with Robust Security

Unparalleled Python Protection against Reverse Engineering

AxProtector Python employs advanced obfuscation techniques to make your Python code virtually impenetrable to reverse engineering attempts. Through the utilization of sophisticated encryption algorithms and runtime decryption, AxProtector Python effectively thwarts efforts to decipher your application’s inner workings.

encrypt python code and scripts

Flexible Deployment Options

AxProtector Python caters to diverse deployment scenarios. Whether you require protection for individual methods or comprehensive encryption of the entire application, AxProtector Python offers tailored solutions.

Seamless License Integration

AxProtector Python seamlessly integrates with the CodeMeter License Management system, enabling you to establish robust licensing mechanisms for your Python applications. In other words, this integration allows you to control access to your software based on user authentication and licensing conditions.

Strong Encryption Algorithms

AxProtector Python goes beyond protection against reverse engineering. It also enhances the security of your Python code by preventing tampering and modification. Therefore, this robust protection ensures the integrity of your software and prevents unauthorized alterations.

Supported versions and requirements

  • Python versions
    Python 3.x
  • Operating systems and platforms
    Windows x86, Windows x86_64, Linux x86, Linux x86_64, macOS x86_64

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Available AxProtector Python modules and extensions

  • Modular Protection
  • IP Protection
  • CodeMoving
  • File Encryption
  • Extension to support Linux x86_64 musl, ARMHF musl, AARCH64 musl

That’s perfectly possible with CodeMeter using the ‘IP Protection’ mode

No adjustments necessary. Just load your .py file into our wrapper, and you’re good to go.

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Download our SDK and encrypt and protect python code and scripts for 60 days with no commitments, obligations, or strings attached. Perfect for building a proof of concept.

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