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Protect Your Java software with AxProtector Java

Shield Your Java Code, Combat Piracy, Protect IP

In today’s digital world, Java applications face constant threats from piracy and reverse engineering. These attacks can steal your intellectual property, damage your reputation, and eat away at your profits. AxProtector Java provides a powerful solution to these challenges.

Strong encryption to safeguard against Reverse Engineering

AxProtector Java utilizes robust encryption algorithms to obfuscate your code, making it virtually impossible for attackers to understand or modify it. Since it’s regularly updated with the latest security advancements, AxProtector Java keeps your applications protected as threats evolve.

Effortless Workflow Integration

AxProtector Java seamlessly integrates into your development workflow, requiring minimal setup and configuration. Once integrated, AxProtector automates the majority of the protection process, saving you valuable time and resources.

Optimal Performance

AxProtector Java is designed to minimize impact on your application’s performance, ensuring smooth user experience. Choose to protect specific parts of your code or the entire application, tailoring the protection to your specific needs.

AxProtector Java 2nd gen

AxProtector Java 2nd generation represents comprehensive and sophisticated automatic protection for Java SE (J2SE) and Java EE (J2EE) applications. As a software developer, you encrypt classes and methods separately. For performance reasons, it is possible to exclude individual classes and methods.

CodeMeter SDK

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Download our SDK and build a functional proof of concept for 60 days with no commitments, obligations, or strings attached.

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Future-Proof Security 
Watch the AxProtector JAVA webinar to discover the flexible licensing and protection capabilities, the class-level and method-level encryption functionalities and advanced security features.

Easy Management
With AxProtector Java, protecting a wide variety of Java applications is easier than ever, whether they are desktop or server applications, stand-alone or applications run from a server, optimized for a specific platform, or multi-platform applications following the “Write once, run anywhere” principle. AxProtector Java is the premier choice for effective software protection and licensing: Time-efficient, robust, secure, and with full control over every parameter.

Prevent Piracy
AxProtector Java helps prevent unauthorized use and distribution of your software, protecting your revenue stream and intellectual property. Desktop, server, standalone, multi-platform: AxProtector Java protects any Java application, effortlessly.

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