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Protect Your .NET Software with AxProtector .NET

Fortify Your .NET Code with Technical Prowess

Securing .NET applications in today’s digital landscape demands robust measures. Reverse engineering and piracy lurk, threatening your intellectual property and business success. Enter AxProtector .NET, a developer-centric solution offering an arsenal of protection features without compromising performance or workflow.

Secure your code, empower your .NET development.

AxProtector .NET is an automatic shield for your .NET code. It uses strong encryption and anti-tampering to stop piracy and reverse engineering, letting you focus on development with peace of mind.

Robust Encryption

AxProtector employs industry-standard encryption algorithms, cloaking your .NET code in an unbreachable shield. Obfuscation further confounds potential attackers, rendering your logic unintelligible.

Granular Control

Protect specific functions, methods, classes, assemblies, or your entire application with surgical precision. Tailor protection to your needs while maintaining flexibility.

Anti-Tampering Prowess

AxProtector actively detects and thwarts attempts to tamper with your application, ensuring its integrity and functionality. Advanced features include background monitoring, hidden commands, and anti-debugging capabilities.

CodeMeter SDK

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Download our SDK and build a functional proof of concept for 60 days with no commitments, obligations, or strings attached.

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Automatic Integration 
Seamlessly integrate AxProtector into your build process using the command line or GUI. No manual code changes required, saving you development time. Leverage the .NET API for custom integration and tailoring protection to your specific needs.

AxProtector is designed with performance in mind, minimizing overhead and ensuring your applications run smoothly. Focus on building innovative and secure .NET applications while AxProtector handles the protection heavy lifting..

Cross-Platform Support
Protect applications built with .NET Framework 2.0 or later, covering a wide range of .NET development environments. Wibu-Systems recommmends to use .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer for best security and performance. AxProtector .NET works seamlessly with popular open-source libraries and frameworks within the .NET ecosystem.

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