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Protect Your JavaScript software with AxProtector JavaScript

Unleash Software Innovation with Unbreakable Security


In the ever-evolving digital world, protecting your JavaScript applications is essential. The constant threat of reverse engineering and piracy jeopardizes both your intellectual property and your bottom line. That’s where AxProtector JavaScript steps in, offering a robust solution for encryption and anti-tampering protection. Safeguarding your JavaScript code has never been more critical.

Impenetrable encryption to safeguard against Reverse Engineering

AxProtector JavaScript shrouds your JavaScript code in a layer of robust encryption, making it incredibly difficult for malicious actors to understand or modify.

Seamless Licensing Integration

AxProtector JavaScript seamlessly integrates CodeMeter licensing checks into your application, ensuring only authorized users have access, protecting your revenue stream.

Fine-grained Protection

You have complete control over what gets protected. Choose to shield specific functions or your entire application, offering flexibility and granular protection.

Obfuscated Code

AxProtector Javascript can hinder potential attacks by obfuscating your names, strings and namespaces. The tool implements multi-layered defenses to make it even harder to decipher and exploit vulnerabilities.

CodeMeter SDK

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Fortress Against Unauthorized Access
Unauthorized access can wreak havoc, stealing your intellectual property and jeopardizing your revenue. AxProtector JavaScript stands as your formidable ally, providing an impenetrable shield against these threats. Even the most determined attackers will find it impossible to decipher your valuable logic.

Streamlined Development Process
AxProtector JavaScript simplifies the integration of code protection into your development workflow. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward API make it easy to integrate protection without disrupting your development process.

Empower your software against potential threats
AxProtector JavaScript is a powerful tool, safeguarding your JavaScript software against reverse engineering, piracy, and tampering. Empowered with comprehensive protection features, flexible deployment options, and seamless integration with licensing management, it ensures the security of your intellectual property and the integrity of your software. Request the SDK now to carefully assess the strengths and considerations of AxProtector JavaScript on your code.

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