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Software License Management

CodeMeter License Central

Our online hosted CodeMeter License Central is an advanced software license management solution. Moreover, it features a database-driven license and entitlement management that automates the process of creating, delivering, and managing licenses for software and digital content.

CodeMeter License Central includes a powerful SOAP-based interface and can define a broad range of licensing options. Consequently, you can map CodeMeter License Central items directly to your ERP items, enabling you to maintain the same SKUs you are currently using. Moreover, you have the flexibility to place multiple SKUs in a single order, keeping your software license management easy and simple.

This approach allows you to focus on your core business, knowing that your IP is secure from hackers and counterfeiters. Furthermore, since it integrates seamlessly with your CRM and ERP systems, you are able to maintain the same look and feel you are already familiar with.

codemeter software license management

Streamline your software license management

The CLC features a variety of activation options designed to meet your requirements. For example, licenses can be easily activated via the Internet. Additionally, you can choose between activation from within your software, via a website, or via email.

Furthermore, CodeMeter License Central offers three methods of license delivery:

  • REST/HTTP gateway for direct activation from within your software.
  • License depot, which licensees can access via a browser to collect their licenses.
  • Graphical user interface to create license files manually.


Moreover, you can use SOAP to implement more individual interfaces. For example, you can automate CmDongle license production before delivery.

Manage Automated Licensing Flow of your software

What’s the best approach for automating the license creation, distribution, and management process using CodeMeter License Central? It could be that License Central itself takes the lead. Alternatively, your current ERP system steps up to manage the process – or perhaps a hybrid approach works best for your situation.

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